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06:29pm 21/10/2011
25 Detailed Factoids of Warren Chin   
10:28am 10/02/2009
  25 Detailed Factoids of Warren Chin

I’d noticed I’d been tagged by many, so in turn, I’d decided to provide some details to my random facts about myself. It’ll be a rewarding experience for myself, as I will reflect on my past, as well as to others, as they will learn and know more about me…if they have the time to read through the entire list.

I am typing this list at 10 PM, on February 9th, 2009. Currently listening to Ayumi Hamasaki’s song. (Real Me) Which is one of my favorite songs, however, it’s not part of my factoid list. ^^


1) I currently have no driver’s license. I took my driver’s exam three times in high school. (In the year 2000) An 80% is passing score, when I took it, I had 78% twice, plus an automatic failure (I bumped into a car as I was doing parallel parking). After my third attempt in the exam, I’d decided to take my exam after high school graduation…however, that had been pending till this day. As of today, I have a driver’s permit (that just expired a couple weeks ago). I will renew my driver’s permit, and hopefully get my driver’s license sometime this year. For now, I usually commute via bus or rides from friends. ^^

2) Mango is my favorite fruit. Whenever I try a new dessert or entrée, I’ll glance to see if there’s some mango in there. This sweet fruit really appeal to my taste buds. As a little kid, I would eat dried mangos, and crave for sliced mangos. Mango pudding and mango jello cups are my favorite treats. I recalled going to Mexico last year, after ATV-ing on the beach, we bump into this vendor, pushing a barrel filled with treats on the beach. Once such treat was a mango, on a stick, in which he’ll peel and carve up the mango like a flower on-site. It was truly a favorite moment of mines on that Mexico trip.

3) I only have white hairs growing on one spot on my head. It is a thumb size area about an inch above my right ear. It looks kind of weird as it grows long. However, if my head was shaven, this area would be a lighter skin than the rest of my scalp. This white hair only happened a couple of years ago…I never had white hair…(well, not too sure, I colored my hair many times in my early adulthood….red, brown, blond, etc). Another oddity of mines, my facial hair are naturally brown-ish red.
4) I was exposed to my first Anime after my high school graduation. I watched ‘Saber Marionette J’ and was addicted to it. I went to my first Anime convention in 2002, Sakura Con. I also went to Anime Expo that year as well. As I venture into these convention, I realized that I’m truly into the Japanese culture, and enjoyed Anime, Manga, and of course video games. To that extent, I’d became an active volunteer for Sakura Con, firstly with the Registration Department, then with the Publicity Department. My current volunteer position at Sakura Con is the Team Sakura Captain, in which I actively promote Sakura Con. More information at: http://www.sakuracon.org

5) I had my very first job when I was 13 years old. I worked for my dad’s boss at Gourmet Wok in Renton. I was the dishwasher, and I worked on the weekends. I would wash the dishes, as well as cleaning the bathroom’s floor, toilet, urinals, as well as cleaning up the kitchen. It was an under the counter type job, getting paid in cash. $5 an hour. In which, $30 for the night (six hours shift). I was a happy boy back then. Half my earnings goes to my savings account, and the other half I spend it on video games.

6) My first ‘official’ job was a shelver for the Summer Youth Employment Program. I worked at the Rainier Beach Library. I was 14 years old at that time, in which I was the youngest person enrolled in that program. Back then, I made $5.25 per hour, working at 30 hours per week. I spent most of the time shelving books and doing side projects at the library.

7) I was born in Mountain View, California. By my first birthday, my family moved to New York City. Chinese was my first language, as I was never exposed to English until I went to school. When I attended school, I was the only Chinese in class. As I was U.S. Citizenship, the school officials thought I knew English. I was obviously the slowest in class. The teachers thought I was mentally retarded…whereas, in fact, I just don’t understand English! I was eventually placed in a classroom filled with Chinese, in which we did ESL. I had ESL class till the 4th grade. (my grade school year at NYC).

8) I lacked sports ability due to my schooling as a child. I’d attended P.S. 105 in Brooklyn, New York City. Back then, we played duck-duck-goose in the gym, and during recess, we only play hand ball, and Chinese jump-rope, running around, playing tag. When I went to public school in Seattle (Whitworth), there’s four squares, basketball courts, grass field for foot ball, jungle gym…etc. It was so much different, plus Physical Education was routinely practiced. As I was a shy boy back then, I didn’t play many sports with others.

9) Back in 5th grade, during recess, I would routinely help the teacher clean and empty the fish tank, as we were raising salmon to be released to the wild. After finishing the task, I usually play ‘The Oregon Trail’ on the computer, or do my homework. I was usually the only guy in the classroom during recess. I was basically a loner, as I was ‘the new kid’ in school.

10) During High School, I was basically a loner, didn’t have any friends at all. Didn’t join any clubs or talk to many. After school, I usually go home, or go to my part time job at the Central Library, where I worked as a Student Assistant at Borrower Services Department. I made $8-$12/hour back then, about 15 hours per week. I would sort, shelve books, as well as helping out at the circulation desk.

11) In my Senior year of High School, I did the Running Start program, in which I did college courses at Seattle Community College. From there, I would interact more with others and did more group activities for class projects. I made some good friends during that year. However, I mainly focused with schoolwork, working at the library, going home and play videogames.

12) I am a huge RPGs fan. I have over 20 video games that are RPGs, sadly, I only completed less than 20% of them! Usually, I’m stuck on a hard level, and I just moved on to the next game. Of all my video games, my favorite RPG is Suikoden II. It is one of the best games ever, in terms of story, plot, and character development. I am also a collector of Final Fantasty RPGs. I only have the PlayStation 2, PSP, Gameboy Advance consoles.

13) For the Personal Computer, I usually have strategy games, such as Sim City, The Sims, Age of Empire, Civilization, Alpha Centauri. I spent most of my late teens and early adulthood playing strategy games on the computers. Most addictive for me was Alpha Centauri, Star Craft, Age of Empire, and Commandos. I would play these games till 3 AM on some nights.

14) I am a heart disease survivor. In my sophomore year of high school, I had heart inflammation, which was basically excess mucus covering the heart. I took some medication, and it healed it up pretty fast. In my second year of college, (In the year 2002, at the age of 19), I had an awful chest pain in my sleep. I thought it was heart inflammation, so I slept through it. The pain was so unbearable, that I went to see my family doctor the next morning. At the doctor’s office, everyone that morning was shocked at my EKG data. I was told to quickly go to the hospital. I took a taxi to the hospital, and was at the waiting room for four hours. Even with a doctors’ note and my doctor’s phone call to the Emergency Room, it did not speed up things. When I was admitted into the Emergency Room’s examination room, the ran tests and then admitted me into the hospital. After a day in the hospital, it came to the fact that I had a cardiac arrest (heart attack) the night before. I have a PFO, Patent Foramen Ovale. More information at: http://heartdisease.about.com/od/lesscommonheartproblems/a/pfo.htm

15) After I was released from the hospital, my personality had drastically changed. I became more social, and more active with activities. I was more outgoing as well as adventurous. I tend to do more and enjoy more as much as I can. My characteristic and persona became more humorous and unique. It was truly a life changing view and experience for me. Hence, I’d became more active with events and be more social and outgoing. An interesting fact, I remembered that my heart attack happened the first week into the quarter. I had to visit all my instructors to officially drop out of their classes. One of my instructor, who did the Customer Service course, actually mailed me a card, in which all the classmates signed the card to wish me support and cheer to get back on track and in good health. That really cheered me up.

16) I used to blog, however, due to timing conflicts, and social changes, I rarely find time to update my blog. The only website that contains my entire blog is my live journal account at: http://masterranma.livejournal.com/

Livejournal used to be my Facebook, it was my connection to friends, getting updates from everyone. However, with the popularity of other social networking, such as Facebook and Myspace, I had been neglecting Livejournal. However, whenever I blog, I would always put a copy of my blog at Livejournal account. Feel free to read my past entries, I’m more surprised on what I wrote back then. =p

17) I had an increase with taking photos recently. Two years ago, my old laptop literally broke and die, and taking with it three years of photos. For me, I didn’t back up my files nor did I print out many hard copy of photos. I was bummed out that I lost three years of memories. (However, the majority of those photos were of me and my ex-girlfriend, so, it must had been a sign or something). After I got my new laptop, I created back up files, upload them to Facebook, as well as printing out hard copies. I also gotten into making Memory Books, as I wish to retain photos and memories in creative and artistic ways. Scrape booking is a new hobby of mines and it’s my second year of making it. My first scrape book was of Las Vegas trip 2007.

18) Sadly to say, I am about twenty pounds overweight. (Currently at 176 pounds). However, I do have a gym membership, LA Fitness, in which I’m trying and getting motivated to regularly use it. It’s mainly my fault for indulging myself in so many food. But I have this philosophy of Live to Eat. I am striving myself to be as physically active. Recently, I had taken the hobby of snowboarding. (I love snowboarding!) I also love hiking, whereas, Snow Lake is one of my favorite hiking trail. My goal, to get to my ideal weight of 150 pounds by the end of this year.

19) I used to sleepwalk as a child. When I was eight years old, I would sleepwalk into the bathroom, mumble and sit on the toilet, then walk into my parents’ room and would mumble some more. My parents dare not to wake me up, so they make sure I won’t injure myself while I was sleepwalking, such as moving some toys, stuff that might be in my way.

20) My persona as being an organizer and event planner only happened a couple years ago. With the aide of Facebook, it really hasten my experience and skills into planning and organizing events. Last year, I had co-hosted a handful of birthday parties, in which I loved every moment of it. Currently, I’d been regularly going to Museums on a monthly basis, enjoying as much culture and art, as well as socializing with others whilst doing so.

21) My Facebook name is currently ’Jerry Chan’. The reason behind this is because I am currently applying for Library School at the University of Washington, and do not wish for the school to ’screen’ me. Not too sure if they would do so, but I will retain this name till I know my status into the graduate program. As soon as I know my status, I will return to my original name. This will be my second attempt into applying for Library School. My goal is to be a Teen Services Librarian.

22) My original plans, I never wanted to go to University of Washington. I was pushed to go there as my mother always nagged at me and compared me to her friends’ children. When I was at the University, I had no idea what to major in. I chose History as it was my favorite subject in high school. I love History. My favorite area was on WWII. I love to watch any feature films that is set during WWII. Films such as ’Schinlar’s List, The Pianist, The Black Book, Pearl Harbor, etc’.

23) After my college graduation, I worked at Island Inkjet at Northgate Mall and Southcenter Mall. I was an Ink Technician, in which I refill ink into printer’s ink cartridges. It was a messy job sometimes. I remember I had blonde hair back then. Everyday, my hair would be a different color as the ink would always stain my hair. My hair would be green, or blue on some days. It was a messy job, but someone had to do it. It was a fun job for me, during slow times, I would catch up and read for my homework, or play Star Craft! Friends would visit me at the mall and bring me food. It was a fun job, I really enjoyed it. This company does not exists no more in the malls. ^^;;

24) I have a huge fear of spiders…and bugs. When I lived in the basement of my old house, whenever I see spiders or bugs, I would use a vacume cleaner hose to suck up the critters. I believe I got this fear because I grew up in New York City. Living in New York City apartments, bugs…roaches would come out at night…I remember as a kid, I turnt on the lights on the way to the bathroom. When the lights were lit, the whole place, tables, chairs, floors, was covered with bugs! It really scared the heck outta me! I still have that image etched into my mind.

25) I hunt-and-peck as I type. I hunt and peck pretty fast though. I’d never taken any typewriting class back in high school. (My elective was drafting and Computer Aide Drafting). I’m surprised that I can still function hunting and pecking. People would always comment at my typing when they see me type for the first times. For me, I usually believe that my typing was my weakness, but in terms for my hunting and pecking, I make it up for speed.

OK! I’d finished, it’s about 12:30 AM, so I spent about 2.5 hours doing this. I spent most of the times thinking of what to write, as well as doing some errands/chores on the side, plus several phone calls…..so it’s not that bad…^^ The music soundtrack is now Utada Hikaru’s ‘Movin’ on Without You’. I think it’s a pretty fun exercise for me…lots of typing….or hunting and pecking. =p
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Sakura Con LJ Communities   
01:06pm 20/10/2008
  Good Day.

If you have Live Journal, there are new communities you should consider adding:

The Official Sakura Con Live Journal Community:

Team Sakura (promoting Sakura Con and events):

Thank You. These new communities are established to create better communitions about Sakura Con and Team Sakura in the LJ community.

-Warren Chin
Team Sakura Captain 2008-2009
Share a Memory...   
02:01am 05/03/2008
  Let's Share a Memory....

Name a moment/time/memory you had of me. =p

Any stories popping up? ;-)
Puyallup Fair 2007   
01:14am 12/09/2007
  It was a fun day today, today was one of the warmest days Seattle had, in the low 80s; sunny, no cloud in the sky. =p I worked from noon to 4 PM today. Afterwards, I took a bus to University District and met up with Tony and Rose. We started to head south at about 5:30 PM, and we were stuck in traffic for the next hour. I guess we went during rush hour. Eventually, we got to the fairgrounds by 7 PM. I was a bit tricky, because some signs were mis-leading, and we missed our turn to the right direction...othertimes, the sun was glaring at ours eyes (which makes it hard to see signs and things in front of us)...at one point, Tony turned into a one way street, and we were driving against traffic! Glad we managed to get out of there! As soon as Tony went to the correct set of lanes, we spoted a police car...=p

Once into the fairgrounds, we went to the food court and got some bites to eat, and observed the map and events in the fair's guidebook. I was asked to be the tour guide. So, I lead everyone around the rest of the night. =p After we ate, we took the Sky Ride, which gave us an aerial view from ontop. The ride took us to the other side of the fairgrounds. It's so wonderful at night, all the lights, the people, the noise....it's almost like an asian night market or something. It's very different and fun. There's hardly any lines, less kids, less crowds, and cooler. =p The lights from all the games and rides were great as well.

After the Sky Ride, we went to the barns to look at all the animals, went to the petting zoo, t'was fun looking at all the animals. Later on, walked about the fairgrounds and played some carnival games, toss rings onto bottlenecks, pick up duckys to get a prize, racing games, etc. Rose ended up with lots of stuffed animals that night, and I got some as well (I ended up giving them all to my sister later that night)

We did that guessing game...if the person guess was off by 3 pounds, or 2 years, you'll get a prize. I'd decided to go for it....I did the Weight guessing one...He guessed me at 172 pounds. I stepped on the scales, and I was 160 pounds. ^^ He's waaaay off! (Actually, I lost some pounds, I was actually that weight about two weeks ago) =p Still, I got a prize! heh heh...Tony did the Age guessing one, and that guy guessed right! (he's 23!)

After our many gamings, we stopped by to get some more snacks (scones, corn on the cob, elephant ears, etc) After munching on the treats, we did some more gamings...and won some more games...=p we also went to the Expo Hall, and there's one exhibit that caught my eye...it's a company that paints glow in teh dark stars in your bedroom...it's very amazing: www.stellarvision.com

Towards the of the day, we stopped by the cow barn, and saw cows being milked....and we went to the barn to take pictures...I noticed a cow was kinda itchy, and I decided to scratch it, and its owner showed me how to properly scratch it...and I did....I did to the point of smelling the cow's breath....and it was cute, it looked at me as I was scratching her...^^ Great times at the fair! Thanks to Tony for driving us (in a day that seems that traffic jams were constant all day long) =p
Mr Chin goes to the Gas Station   
12:01am 11/09/2007
  (My life can be like a Mr. Bean episode sometimes...>< seriously!)

Anyhoo, a quick recap of things that happened the past week...I know that I went to Sushi Land three times last week...gotta stop doing that! However, I kept a balance between 6-8 plates...so it's not that bad, and it's mostly the green plates ($1)...heh...I will always love sushi...but after going there so often...you just realize that it's the same thing all over again, until your ask the chefs to prepare you something different. =p Also, last Saturday, went to Duke's Chowder House and Alex and gang and did Happy Hour. The food was very good, and I did some drinks....Alex ended up buying me several drinks...in hopes to see me bite others and become my happier, crazier self...I don't think I got to that point....but I did remember talking about the female's menstrual cycle, as well as me being very happy, aroused (in a non-sexual way), and excited. =p Good times...Thanks Alex, for those fun drinks! I believe I had some Cucumber Mojito, Orange Mojito, Raspberry Vanilla Kazi, and a Blueberry Lemon Drop, ah good stuff! I was happy! ^^ At least I didn't bite others that night! I was on my very best behavior...=p


Today, t'was my day off...^^ I went to the University District, and went to the HUB to drop off some Sakura Con flyers at the Anime Discovery Project (Anime Club at UW), afterwards, had lunch with Garry at Ichiro's. I haven't seen him for over a year, so it's good to catch up and chat. Afterwards, met up with Tony and had bubble tea at Oasis on The Ave. We chatted and planned out for tomorrow (we're planning to go to the Puyallup Fair in the late afternoon) Afterwards, I headed straight to Chinatown, met up with Mom and booked a flight to Hawaii. (We're doing a family vacation to Honolulu next month! ^^ Just for about three days, which is what we can manage due to our crazy work schedual. My sister's excited already, she's gearing up to do some good tanning next month. =p After booking our flight, we had some light dinner at a Hong Kong Style cafe, eating some Stone Pot Rice. Went to Oasis at Chinatown for some more bubble tea...=p Met up with others later on, and then did Sushi Land! =p

When I got home, Mom asked me to help her pump some gas into her car, she was low on fuel, and the closest one was at Safeway. (She hates doing Safeway, as it asks you to punch in too many information, like your phone number to recieve a 0.03 discount per gallon, to typing in the phone number, to asking for a reciept, as well as getting a car wash). So I decided to help her pump some gas....she then drove me to the gas station...

Seeing that it was dark and cold outside, Mom asked me to pump the gas for her...

(Keep in mind that I'd never pumped gas before! I kept saying to myself, how hard can it be? You just stick it in the hole, jiggle it around, and release)

I put the pump into the hole, and I 'pumped'....nothing happens.....I put it in again, and pumped....once again, nothing's happening..the numbers were not moving....things were beeping....lights were flashing....

"Pull it out and start it again!" Mom shouted from inside the car.

I pulled the pump out, and out splashed the gasoline....all over the side of the car and tire.


"I'M TRYING! I'M TRYING!" I cried. I hastily put the pump back into the hole, and succesfully pumped the gasoline into the car.....slowly....

"Why are the numbers moving so slowly? Push the pump all the way, use some strength!" Mom shouted from inside.

Nervously, I attempted to just set the pump into 'auto' or whatever, but I cannot figure it out....I just kept pumping it till the car was full.

Afterwards, I washed the area covered in gasoline with the soap and cleaning water next to the gas pumps.

"Guys never aimed properly" Mom joked as I got back into the car. "Remember, son, the pump goes into the hole, all the way in, then you release it".

"Yeah Yeah....I rather let others do it for me, like the people down there in Oregon" I said.


>< I hate the Gas Station...have it my way, I'll get an electric car...then I just plug the plug in the electric socket...=p
Oregon 2007   
02:50pm 09/09/2007
  Oregon 2007

Ah, it was very relaxing going to Oregon, it was fun and I had a great time...most of the time, I ended up sleeping in the car....which made me realized, if I ever do a road trip, I doubt I'll be useful driving....I get so sleepy...>< (Now, Andy, geeze, that guy can drive....w/o getting sleepy or tired) Let's see if I can re-cap:

Friday (August 31)

Andy picked me up in the morning, afterwards picked up Grace and Rose in Southcenter. Later we drove down to Tacoma to pick up Tony. From there, it was about a three hour drive down south to Portland; we were stuck in traffic several times, but we played some games in the car to killed to time, mainly that one game Elisa got me on my Birthday. (It lists "Would you Rather" questions, such as, "Would you rather pee marbles or poop tennis balls?", "Would you rather shave your father's hairy butt, or your mother's bikini line?"....stuff like that...=p)

We got to Portland around 1 PM, and we decided to do lunch at BJ's, and had some pizza. Afterwards, we went to Multnomah Waterfall, which is the 2nd highest waterfall in the United States. We spent a couple hours hinking upwards all the way to the top of the waterfall. T'was a good workout. Afterwards, went to downtown Oregon to check in at our hotel, it was such a headache, as there were so many one way streets and road closures...>< We checked into the hotel, and walked to the mall to do some light shopping. (I got "The Legend of Heros" for the PSP for $17.99...gotta love that no sales tax) heh...That night we had dinner at Koji's, a Japanese Restaurant, very good stuff. Later that night, we played Taboo till 1 AM...=p

Saturday (September 1)

Woke up at 9 AM-ish, and went to a coffee shop with Tony and Rose in downtown to enjoy coffee and pastries. Afterwards, we did some shopping. I decided to get my Mom and Sister's birthday presents, as their birthdays were coming up. The added plus was that there's no sales tax, which was great. I ended up getting my sister a JUICY purse and my mom a COACH purse. Each item was, yup, expensive. To my craziness, I ended up carrying those purses in my backpack for the reminder of the trip. (It's mind numbing that in my bagpack is worth almost a whole paycheck!) >< Ah well, it's for my mom and sis...=p I'm still baffled on girl's fasination with shoes and purses...and clothes...>< Me, I'm just simple with me video games and animes. =p After our morning shopping, we headed to wine country on highway 26. (We got some gas, and forgot that in oregon, they pump the gas for you!)

By mid-day, we were in Forest Grove, wine country, we had lunch at Grand Lodge, it was a fun lunch, however a bee kept landing on our food, and we attempted to shoo it away several times...>< After lunch, we went to Elk Cove and Kramer Vineyards, were we sipped and sample wine, and bought several bottles of wine. (I think I'm in the process of collecting wines...I'm fond of wines now) =p Andy tried some wine, but I made him spit it out in teh spit bucket. =p It was a beauiful place, the vineyards were lush and ripe, and the wines were great!

After the vineyard excursions, we drove back to highway 26 and headed west. We found some lodging along the way (about 30 miles away from the beach). For $70, we got a decent size apartment in this cabin structure. It's about 1.5 bedroom, with a fold out bed on its sofa, as well as a kitchen. =p We dropped off our stuff there, relaxed, and then headed westward.

We got to Cannon Beach, and it was a lovely day, we walked over a mile on that beach and went to Haystack Rock, which is this gigantic rock near the beach. We got close there, and observed all the wonderful; marine sea creatures there, from starfishes, fish, mussels, seagulls, etc. After spending the afternoon at the beach, we went out to a restaurant closeby and had some seafood for dinner. After the meal, we decided to do a bon fire, so we went to the local supermarket and got some firewood, marshmallows, etc.

We got to the beach, set up a fire, laid a blanket out, roasted marshmallows, laid back and gaze at the stars, and luckily, we saw some great fireworks that night as well. The stars were beauiful, like gems spilled onto a dark blue cloth...^^ We stayed there till the fire died, which was around mid night.

Andy then drove us back to the lodge, we all showered and relaxed. Now, it was almost 1 AM, and Andy won't sleep! He rather stay up all night. I told him that he's the only driver and he's driving us all to Seattle the next day, so that would mean 5-6 hours of constant driving! I ended up grabbing Andy by his hands and took him towards to his bed. I then tucked him and bed and told him to go to sleep. =p

Sunday (September 2)

We woke up in late morning, went to Camp 18 to do lunch. Camp 18 is a giant restaurant. It has the largest and heaviest beam used for that structure, which weigh at 18 tons. Food was great there! They call pancakes, "flat cars" there. After lunch, we went to Seaside, when we got to teh beach, there was a massive and heavy sand storm at the beach, sand were flying everywhere! Grace had to close her eyes and we had to be at both sides of her, guiding her along the way. (She wore contacts, and didn't bring any sunglasses) We ended up taking refuge from the sand storm in downtown, and did some shopping there. After shopping at Seaside, we decided to drive back to Seattle.

Andy drove all afternoon, we did a pit stop at Kelso, WA, went to McDonalds to do a lil break. Then, drove to Olympia, WA to do dinner, we walked about downtown, sightseeing, and finally did Japanese food that night. good stuff, afterwards, andy drove us home. It was a fun trip...=p
Anime Evolution 2007   
02:03am 27/08/2007
  Enclosed is a small report I made of AE (as I need to do this for my Sakura Con report, anyways...=p ) :


On August 17 to 19, I attended Anime Evolution at Simon Fraser University at Vancouver BC, Canada. It was a first for me to attend an Anime Convention that's being held on campus grounds. It was a great turn out and successful; "4,200 people attended the convention, as well as raising $5,000 for BC Children’s Hospital through our charity auction, coat check, masquerade ball, and cosplay cafe."


One of the main highlights was the outdoor mainstage, which was filled with entertainment, music, and festivities throughtout the weekend. The dealers room was filled with great shops with great bargains. Long lines were a common sight for the dealers room. Some events and activities I'd enjoyed:

404s: http://www.the404s.com/

Cosplay Cafe': In which French Maid provide food and refreshments for attendee, for items on the priced menu.

Host Club: cupcakes and ice tea served, as several cosplayers re-enact certain scenes from the host club.

Theatre Rooms: showing various animes.

Fish Catching Game: attemting to catch a small fish with a paper net.

Enclosed are some photos from Anime Evolution:


In all, a great success, and most will most likely attend Anime Evolution 2008.
PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) 2007   
11:56pm 26/08/2007
  So, I went to Penny Arcade Expo (PAX), or a Video Game Convention. I went to volunteer as registration staff. It was my first year, and I had a blast doing it! It was so amazing how many people went to this convention! Just mind numbing, esp. the Exhibit Hall, jeebus, so many gamings, plus free stuff! Free Shirts, demo games, samplers, candies, etc. It was sweet!


(On Friday and Saturday, from 3PM to 9PM) I worked at the Registration Desk, running the credit cards at the machines, then giving people the goodie swag bags, schedules, info, etc. So, I'm practically free on the mornings and the whole of Sunday, which was great! I played so many demo games there, especially the RPG games! ^^

One advantage of being Staff, getting to drink as many Bawls as I can. I had like about 4 bottles a day (I know, it's a bit too much), but I survived. It's an energy drink, that tastes like Ramune. (Bawls, pronounces like 'balls') Heard so many 'Bawls' joke that weekend: "Stop touching my BAWLS", "Hold on to your BAWLS", "I have no BAWLS"....=p

It was nice that Bawls did the promotion at the convention, staff passed out Bawls to every attendee in line with free Bawls. ^^

One of the interesting highlight of the convention was to do this sorta RPG thing, you go to this courtyard, and the turned the whole area into a jungle themed world, and you're suppose to do these missions, after each missions, you recieve a key. With that key, you can attempt to open a treasure chest and claim your prize. (if the key you recieved works or not, so the more keys, the more chances of you opening the chest) Once you opened tthe chest, you choose a golden coin, and on the back on each coin is your prize (shirts, controllers, games, PS3, etc). If I recall, one mission, you have to shoot down a target at a tent, another one, you solve some puzzles, and there's that one in which you have a time limit on finding fragments of items in a chest and assemble it (in this case, a gun)

It sounds kiddish, but very fun...what I liked was the Rock Climbing mission, I had to climb up this inflatable 'mountain', and see the symbol on top of the moutain, I made it up all the way to the top! ^^ It was struggle, trying to pry my way up to the top, one peg at a time, and it was hard to grasp and cling onto it, as it was very slipper due to the plastic...>< But people down below had a fun time watching me struggle. =p

Another thing about this, it's amazing who you'll bump into, I bumped into several high school classmates, old buds, and some online buddies, I bumped into Billy (cronofrek) from AllRPG, (sigh, the All RPG Days) ><

Anyway, here's a link to some pics:


(Also uploaded to my facebook and myspace) =p

I had a great time, and planning to do it again next year, hopefully booking a hotel for that weekend. ^^;;
AE Weekend   
04:03pm 20/08/2007
  Had a great time in Canada, I must say, it's just wonderful to go to another Con, just to escape reality and normal life for a while. =p Let's see...

Wednesday, afterwork, went to Oasis to get some bubble tea and to relax for a lil bit, there, I met some pals, and we chatted and caught up with each other. All of a sudden, my ex's new boyfriend showed up, ignoring me again, and sat close by to me. A few minutes later, he approached me and said, "Oh, you're Warren, I'm not too good remembering people" (...yeah right!) From there, we just started to chat, not that long, just a quick few words on how our summer's been, and what I have plans for the weekend. And of course, I asked how Diane was, and everything. After that, I just got up and left...

Thursday, I thought about getting the morning train, alas, it was full, so I ended up getting on the 11AM bus, and arrived in Canada by 3PM. The bus ride went by smoothly for me, mainly because I was playing Popolocrois on my PSP the whole time, I must say, it's a pretty good RPG. =p That night, went out to dinner with some of my Uncle's friends and their kids. Typical Chinese dinner, all the adults praising their kids accomplishments. =p After dinner, Will took me out for some bubble tea, good stuff. It was pretty funny, William offered to take me out, and my grandma said that it's late and we shouldn't be going out so late.

"Grandma, it's 7:30 PM! The sun is still out, and I'm 24!" (yeesh)

Afterwards, went to Pizza Hut and ordered a pie as a late night snack. We got back to William's place by 10 PM and his mother asked him why he didn't answer her phone calls. (It turnt out that William left his cell phone to silent mode the other day, as he was watching a movie, and he forgot to reset it) William's cell phone recieved 13 missed phone calls in two hours time from his mother. (Whoa!) Not even my mom's like that! >< His mother kept talking to me in Chinese...I only understood bits of it, but she wants me to report to her anything that William's been hiding from her....(whoa, I can't do that!) =p I feel sorry for William...><

Friday, took the skytrain to Simon Fraser University (very convient, about 1/2 hour travel time). From there, did Anime Evolution, had a great time there; promoted Sakura Con at the artist alley, and met new people, the artist next to my booth was very nice, and we ended up merging our tables together, and she even help promoted Sakura Con on her side of teh table! =p

I watched an Improv Show there (404s), as well as watching the first two episodes of Bleach. There's a Host Club Party, in which people dressed up as characters from the Host Club (like Twins) and they act out various scenes from the manga/anime. And the guests would sit on tables closed by, being served ice tea and cupcakes. =p The dealers rooms was great, big and plenty of selection, but I didn't buy anything till Sunday. =3

There was those fish catching game (catch a fish w/ a paper net) for $2 a net. The main stage was outdoors, and pretty good stunts and skits on the stage. the singers were very good during the 'Idol' liek contest. The Con stated that about 4000 people showed up for the weekend, still, it's pretty good. lots of people dressed up from various anime, but what surprised me were people dressed up from Harry Potter series. =p

Saturday, one of the main events at the Con was a Cosplay Cafe', in which girls dressed up in frilly french maid outfits serve you in a cafe' liek setting; you enter this outdoor area, and all the maids lined up at boths sides of the entrance, they bow and greeted you, and a pair directed you to your table. The food were amazingly cheap. $1.25 for beef noodle (instant), $0.75 for a drink, my meal just costed me $2. =p But man, it was nice, french maids, left and right, serving, bowing, etc. The area was behind the main stage, so we can get a glimps of what's going on, and to hear the awesome music. =p I took many photos that day with my cell phone, and I guess I over used it and it killed off my battery. I didn't expected that to happen, and I didn't bring my charger w/ me as I thought I wouldn't be needing it! >< ah well. Between events and walk abouts, I would pass out and promote Sakura Con, amazingly, all of the were passed out! I felt accomplished. =p

Afterward, left teh Con early, as I assumed that I'll be going to Richmond's Night Market that night, when I called him up, he said that he can't go to the Night Market, as his Mom doesn't want him to go out so late...><, we ended up going to a Pho restaurant a few blocks away from his house. From 7PM till 9PM, his mother would call his cell phone every half an hour to check on his whereabouts and see if he's home. (and he's 22!) Man, I kept asking his how he can stand it, it's like having a parent that's like The Chinese Red Army, The Soviet Union's KGB, Nazi's Gestapo, U.S.'s FBI all rolled up in one united dictatorship figure. That's intense! I'm just glad my Mom's very open and less strict on me, otherwise, I might be going insanely mad! =p

Sunday, went to the Con, and i went to the dealer's room to buy stuff. As I walked in to the door, someone shouted "FREE STUFF!", and it went crazy! Everyone crammed to the centre of the room, getting free goods from a box. I ended up getting some Japanese Dreamcast games...I'm planning to sell them when I'm back in Seattle to Pink Godzilla (Video Game Store). Also, at the dealer's room, I got a PSP case for $9, Chrono Trigger Soundtract CD and Final Fantasy Soundtrack CD for $5 each! =p Oh, they were also giving out free Japanese Anime VHS and cassette tapes (I guess it's hard selling them) =p They were too big and bulking to carry, but I got some anime, but I just left them at my Uncle's place as I'll watch it when I'm bored at his place.

After the Con, we went out for Japanese food in New Westminster to celebrate my Uncle's birthday, We ordered tons of sushi, came in those sushi boats, and I ate the most, as usual. =p

Today, went out for dim sum, then relaxed at my Uncle's place. I'll be boarding the 6PM train and should arrive in Seattle by 10 PM. Tomorrow till Thursday, I'll be working as usual. Friday till Sunday, I'll be doing PAX (Penny Arcade Expo/Video Game Con) I'll be volunteering there as usual. =p Good Weekend. =p
02:35am 14/08/2007
  Ok...fun day....esp for my day off...=p

Dim Sum with mom and sis at Joy Palace, afterwards, went to downtown to stroll about, my sister was trying to get her hair done, but all the places were booked solid. We managed to find a spot at Northgate Mall, while there, I went to Game Stop to buy my first game for my PSP: "Popolocrois", I'm planning to play this on my train ride to Canada this Thursday. =p

I also went to Costume and Display, I thought about buying some black feathers for my cosplay...in the end, I noticed that some things are 75% off...too good to be true...I found one thing I like, it's um...a red coat, with golden designs, along with puffy ruffles, something like what a 17th century European frenchman would wear...um...something like this:


Now, retailed price, it was $100+, but with the sale, I got it for $25. =p See, when it comes to costumes and outfits, I'm addicted to them, when it comes to regular normal clothes, I can care less...I wear shabby clothes all the time...>< I'm such a dork...=p It's so sad...

Anyhoo, why did I get it? I seems like a great J-Rock Outfit, I could sworn that some J-Rock/Pop Band wore some sort of European clothes and did a music video, it's a mixture of classical and punkish fashion, if only I can find it...>< Ack, I give up....I'll just do some original creation or something...=p

Afterwards, went to the casion in Auburn w/ Mom, we won $20+ at the slots...but the lost them all, then, we played the three dice game/ see low, now, I got lucky, I won about $40+, but the lost them all....ack, that's what casino games does to you...it was fun though...I was so close....I was thinking that it was a triple three dice, but I didn't place my bet on it...if I would had done so, I could had ended up winning $180+...(le sigh)....
Rush Hour 3   
01:36am 11/08/2007
  Well, I watched Rush Hour 3 today, it was very funny, man, so many jokes and action in that film. However, I sense that the storyline and plot was kinda weak. (I really think the past two movies had a better story line and plot; whereas this film is more about sheer laughter and action)

Here's some thing that made me ponder:

Why was Jackie's character (Lee), be speaking to the Chinese Ambassador in English while in the car ride? (Surely they would speak in Chinese for chatter)

When they got back to the hospital later on, just where were all the people that night? (doctors, nurses, patients) It seems like the hospital was completly abandoned.

Why would Jackie be speaking Chinese, and his brother reply in Japanese? (But hey, we speak in a multi-cultural world, my mom speaks Chinese to me, and I'll reply back in English) I mean, if people were to speak to one another, it should be done in the same languages...ack!

More CG effects in the film kinda takes that 'Jackie Chan' unique character from the film...

But hey, I'm no movie critic, I'm more of a food critic. =p Still, the movie is good, funny, and action packed. =p


After the movies, went to eat out at The Keg, good food. =p During dinner, I was talking about Yea's Wok (A great restaurant in Newcastle. JD thought in said "Gay's Walk" (What the hell?!) =p


Yesterday, after work, worked out, afterwards went to had some pho with Eric, I had some Vermecilli Bowl, it was a great full bowl of noodles. Eric went outside to answer a phone call. 5 minutes later, he came back to the table, my bowl was empty. (Yes, that truly shocked him) Fun times.
Restaurant Review: Bok Kitchen and Bar   
01:15am 11/08/2007
  ^ Deep Fried Sole

^ Half Size Seafood Pasta


Boka Kitchen and Bar

1010 1st Ave
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 357-9000

FOOD: 4/5. Food was good. Though small size portions from the looks of it, it's very filling and delicious. The food came in good presentation, vibrant with colors and shapes, as if tasting a work of art.

DECOR: 5/5. Great music filled the restaurant, along with the great arts it features on display. A truly elegant theme is the lights, which changes to all sorts of shades of colours every few minutes.

SERVICE: 5/5. Great Service! Waiter comes by very often to check on you, refilling water, and filling you in on details on the items on the menu.

COST: 4/5. Moderately priced, very well for the quality of the food.

OVERALL: Great Restauarnt! Highly reccomend! Best to come at night when the lights are more vibrant.
It's not a pencil case, it's a....   
07:32pm 08/08/2007
  Ah, very eventful weekend. =p

Friday, t'was my day off, so had La Paneir for breakfast with MB, afterwards, went to the downtown Library to check on my emails...>< Later on, met up with Elisa, and we had some coffee at Belle's, it was a good place, very fancy. =p Little while after, went to Boka's and had lunch, it was a great place, I surely enjoyed it, and I'll give out some reviews on it later. =p After lunch, I walked all the way to Eastlake (about 2 miles) to the gym, once there, I worked out for an hour, I was very impressed with that gym, lots more machines, sauna, etc. After the work out, went to UW and met up with SY, where we both decided to do some row boating, as it was it first time, it was very challenging. I surely had a work out with my arms, rowing that freaking thing! >< I remember SY mentioned that he won't save me as I drown, as I'll prob push him downwards in the water with me. =p But, yeah, boating around Lake Washington was a great experience. =p

Saturday, after work, went to the Chinatown Night Market, (nothing that impressive) in the end, had Bubble Tea with Khen, and then ate out with teh rest at 663, where everyone made fun of my fatness and gut...><

"Warren, look at you! You're resting your arms on your gut!"

The guys kept twisting my nipples, I ask them why they kept doing that, and their reply: "That's how to catch your attention"

Oy, vey!

After dinner, went to the movies to watch Chuck and Larry, kinda lame storyline, but very funny...they others thought about me when all the gay and fat jokes kept popping in the film. =p Ain't that sweet? =p

Sunday, after work, Eric drove me up to Alex's BBQ Party, and met up with everyone, as well as drinks. =p I bump into a classmate bud from waaay back in Junior High School...man, brings back memories. Playing cards was fun, as well as eating the food, towards the end, I played arm wrestling with the everyone. =p

Monday, had lunch with DB in Chinatown, afterwards, went to work at HIP, after work, went to the downtown gym to work out. =p

Yesterday, afterwork, a friend called me up, saying that she's at a Chinese Herbalist and she's in need of a translator. So I offered to translate. I was on the bus, saying stuff like:

"How do you poop? Does it come out hard, or flowy?"

"What colour is your turd"

It's so funny, because people on the bus kept smirking, but hey, that's what need to be translated! =p For some reason, my friend says that she's depressed lately, and I never recalled how you say 'depression' in Chinese. So, first, I translated as:

"Naughty Thoughts"

then, I realized that that's waaay of....so, I translated as:

"Un-Happy Thoughst"

In the end, the herbalist prescribed her some herbs, in which she drinks twice a day for up to a week. Now, based on my personal history, these herbs worked...as horrible and gaggy they taste, it's effective....I was asked by my friend what kind of herbs they were....I told her:

"Even if they tell me in Chinese, I still would have no clue! It's just tree barks and roots! maybe some fungus!" =p

After that venture, I met her up at Chinatown, and we went to Southcentre Mall to do some shopping. Now, girls can shop for hours, and they can't feel their hunger or pains in their feets. After shopping for two hours, they finally got hungry. =p

We went to Claim Jumper, and had good food. When paying the bill, my friend asked me to reach into her purse and get a pen so she can write with it. I reached in and got her the pen. Then I got a pink case out. Before you know it, she told me that that case was 'tampons'....okkeee....now, i would had never guess...I thought it was a pencil case or something, I was about to open it so she could put the pen back in the case! =p Fun times...
My upcoming Events   
11:26am 02/08/2007
  So, had fun last night, went to Ivar's Salmon House by U-District, and had Happy Hour with Alex and the others, good ole merry time. Conversations were about religion, where we're from, work, etc. I found out that everyone at Happy Hour was in the Medical Field. I'm the only one at the table that's planning on presuading a Library Degree...(Go Library!) At one point of the conversation, I was talking about Outhouses, on how a 91 year old man fell down into an Outhouse from 3 days and survived, as well as Japanese hidden camera show, which shows people going to the portable toilets, and the platform raises out above:


As you can see, I killed the social moments...=p Hey, at least no one ran to the loo to barf out their dinners...=p


So, what am I planning to do the up coming weeks? Lots! ^^

August 16-20: Vancouver BC, Canada, Anime Evolution (Anime Con), as I will promote Sakura Con there.

August 24-26: Seattle, PAX (Video Game Con), as I will volunteer there...=p.

August 30 to September 3, Oregon, planning on hiking, fishing, camping etc.

October 3-6, Spokane, WA, WALE Conference, (Library Associates Conference), a meeting spot for Library staff...=p.

Man, what a busy summer! =p
Wacky March...   
10:49pm 30/07/2007
  Okee....looks like the Japanese are crazy people...I came across this on youtube, as it was linked via Pitagora Switch videos. What this is, are people doing certain moves in a line, in different patterns, at different times, the song is kinda catchy, so are the lyrics...=p Have a look:


Now, a scarier note: A prison in the Phillipines uses this dance tactics for its prisioners, I believe it's a way to boost moral and relieve stress, they have 900+ prisioners doing this 'march':


And, they do more dance, even Michael Jackson's "Thriller", (I feel so sorry for the prisioners....>< looks like torture! Esp. the guy that dressed up in drag for that exercise...><)


I spent the whole day at home, (shocking, eh?) I actually spent time in the garden weeding out the weeds, and trimming the blackberry thorns, spent the whole afternoon doing that. I'm planning to plant some flowers to make the yard look more inviting; also to prepare it for my cocktail party. =p

The cable guy came to move the dish on the roof to recieve better signal for my Mom's Chinese cable. I went up there wish him, as I had to hold up a smaller ladder for him to go from the porch roof to the house roof. Me going up there and down was scary, but I conquored my fear of heights...=p
Pitagora Switch   
11:01am 30/07/2007
  As I was at the Bookstore at Uwajimaya, I saw a sample of these videos...they're pretty amazing, have a look:

     Read 3 - Post
Korean Drama...free?!   
01:02am 29/07/2007
  Well, as I'm so late in the online community other than myspace/facebook; someone mentioned to me about a website, that's just like youtube, except it features mainly on Asian Dramas, especially Korean Dramas! You can watch full episodes and whole Drama series on this site, for free! Works exactly like youtube! ^^


My suggestions: Search for "Full House" and "My Girl", I love those series! ^^


Anyhoo, week went by great, just working on most days...>< as well as working out at the gym and shedding some pounds...

Thursday, had dim sum with Elisa and Linh at House of House; I got Linh her belated Birthday gift, and she got me mines. I got a bottle of "Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur". It was so sweet, she remembered my addiction to coffee and that coffee shot I had at the clubs months before! ^^ I'm planning to crack it open at my cocktail party later this summer. (pending cocktail party in early September) ^^;; Dim Sum was great, ate lots as usual, and ate lightly, which Elisa and Linh thought I was not hungry or on a diet...but really, I'm trying not to pig myself out...I can finish all those dim sum in seconds...=p....but I have to be civil and gentleman-like...=p

Friday, watched "The Simpsons Movie"...... awesome! I love it! So funny, cracking up non-stop, man, they did so many things there, it should not be rated PG-13! =p After the movie, went out with Jason, and had dinner at Maekawa's in Chinatown. It's a note to self that Jason works at Abercrombie and Fitch, but I noticed that....(how many asians works there?) much less....goes there? I went there to look for him earlier that day....man, it's almost all white blonds in that store! I felt like I was the only asian there...>< It reminds me of some MADTV parodies:



Saturday, worked an extra shift. (Someone owes me bubble tea) j/k...=p Anyhoo, afterwork, went to grab a bite to eat with Eric, then went to work out at the gym. I'm sloooowly getting to my ideal weight...it's getting there...>
Warren's Bite on the Bite   
01:01pm 23/07/2007
  Ok, yes, I went all three days to the Bite of Seattle, Rain will not stop me from going! =p It was fun, going there, eating, chatting, meeting up with others. Good times.


Friday, had lunch with Elisa at McDonald's in downtown, I had a salad (I know, a salad), munched, chatted, and then Mike D dropped by, and we took the Monorail the The Bite.

It was raining and pouring, and there were hardly anyone outside, good advantages: no lines. Great way to grab a quick bite, and eat and munch on. What I love about it as well, FREE SAMPLES! =p Free fruits, smoothies, cereals, lip gloss, mentos, rice, etc. Alas, I didn't bring a bag with me on Friday, so I didn't bring any samples hope...I practically ate them all on the spot. =p

Met up with Alex and the others later on, alas, we didn't find any seats at the food court, so we stood there and ate our food, once Alex and others finished their meal, we hastily took their seats. =p

Friday's Meals:

Garlic Chicken and Phad Thai, Alligator on a Stick, Margarita, Food Samples, small bites of opera bar, pizza, caramel apple. =p

We killed most of the afternoon wandering around, seeing what had what, before we know it, NA and others showed up, and we went around some more, sampling foods and whatnots. We played around in the fountain, I got soaking wet! >< For some apparant reason, Khang didn't know about it and he hugged me...big surprise...=p

Later that night, we went to downtown and we watched the Harry Potter movie. Me, NA, and NS went to Gameworks to kill some time before the feature presentation. We did some air hockey, very tricky game, NA beat us all...one of these days, I'll get better at that game. =p So, we watched the new Harry Potter movie, I happened to had read the book, and I noticed they left out so many things. Such as that house elf, he only appeared twice in the film, but he had a bigger role in the book! I guess they have to cut many things out, it was a 2 hour movie. =p Afterwards, took the bus back to Chinatown, where I went to Oasis to meet up with Khen and others and played some cards. I ended up taking Millias's bag because I need it for tomorrow. =p


Saturday, woke up, went to Starbucks for coffee and studying for my driver's written exam. (I just realized that my ID Card had been expired on my birthday! Now I can buy booze or clubbing! >< So I need to be my Driver's Permit....ironic that I'm only doing it to get a Valid ID. =p) Hopefully, I'll get my license soon.

Wendy and others met up with me at Uwajimaya later in the morning, and Peter then drove us to The Bite. Once there, I showed everyone where to go to get free food, prizes, and goo food were at. It was a very nice day, warmer, and so it's very crowded and jammed packed with people. After we ate, we played around it the fountain: trying to dash towards the fountain and run back w/o getting wet. Naturally, I got soaked; however Wendy and Michelle didn't get that wet at all. That's because "They were behind me the whole time, and they used my body as a shield". ><

Later on, we met us with Elisa. Wendy and the others departed, and Elisa went on to see what the Bite has to offer, she had apple crepe, however, she didn't like the apples, so she gave the rest of them to me. Mike D, Christy T and others showed up, and we went around afterwards, getting more stuff, and freebies. =p

Saturday's Meals:

Tom Douglas's Special (Steak, soup, etc), fried bananas, beef proisky, food samples, apple crepe, bites of BBQ chicken and waffle fries, alligator on a stick, sushi

Elisa went on the air-filled Giant Cheese Slide. She slid down, upon impact, she was having a hard time getting up, when she got off the ride, her elbows were injured because she scraped them on the sides coming down. So we had to go to the first aid station to get some bandages. What's so ironic was that Elisa got a tattoo of a sword and skull before hand...adds some tough-girl image there. =p

Later in teh afternoon, went to Sushi Land to get some sushi, I was getting stuffed already, so i only had 5 of those $1 green plates. Everyone else had a big appetite for sushi. =p Elaine and others dropped by Sushi Land as well, and we chatted and whatnots. Amazing, they went crabbing for almost 3 hours and only got one crab. =p

After sushi, went to The Bite to meet up with Khen for a lil bit, then head to downtown with Elisa so she could get her Harry Potter book. After that, went back to Chinatown, and called it a day. =p Oh, once I got home, I unpacked my bagpack, turns out I had ten bags of rice samples in there! I was carrying about a 10 lbs+ bag! ><


Sunday, woke up early, went to Beacon Hill to get my glasses, and check on my email. Christy T picked me up, and we the drove to The Bite with Mike D's car. Once there, sample more food, got more freebies...^^ Ninny came and dropped by! I haven't seen her since my X-Mas party! ^^ Ninny came, along with her friend, and we went about some more, getting more food, freebies, etc.

Sunday's Meals:

Hot Links, Gumbo, Mango Berry Triffle, Mango Lemonade, food samples.

NA surprised me; as I was watching a concert, she jumped on my back. Now, in my head, the only person I could think that would jump me from behind would be Mike D, as he's playful and always gave me a hard time...I turned around, and it was NA! >< It was a fun surprise! I didn't really chat with her new boyfriend that much as the music was very loud. The left a few minutes later to get food. I was attempting to get back at NA, but I wasn't able to find her later in the day, ah well...><

My review:

Great Food: Opera Bar and Mango Berry Triffle

Worst Food: Deep Fried Ice Cream (It's like a small egg roll, and all the ice cream's melted inside) =p


After the parade, went to Chinatown and started to do the Parade for both the Bookineers and the Cosplay Parade! It was a great turn out, 85+ cosplayers showed up. We ended up waiting for two ours for the Cosplayers to march in the parade, as it's towards the end of the parade route. But it's good, people had a great time in the staging area, taking pics, meting new people, etc.

I bump into my ex at the staging area. I didn't bothering chatting with her at all. She was not suppose to be there as she didn't sign up to volunteer, but ah well. Eventually, we're to cross paths.

For me, I was doing the Seattle Public Library's Bookineers. We were the last entry in the parade! We were behind a float that produced lots of bubbles....so we were covered in bubbles most of the time! And behind us, were fire engines that honk its loud horns! >< Either way, we had a great time doing the parade! Afterwards, met up with Ninny for bubble tea, chatted, and after that, t'was my fun weekend! ^^
Bring on the Bite   
12:54am 20/07/2007
  Okee, work was just filled with work..><

Monday, went to the DMV with my Mom to help her renew her license, afterwards, went on my shopping spree...^^ I had about $100 of gift cards, as well as lucky red envelopes to kill! =p Thanks to those that got me them giftcards! ^^ I bought new clothes, wine, arts, etc. Sweet...

Other than that, just worked the rest of the week...plus working out at the gym after work..I honestly sense something aching in my body...something's working..><

Okee, so, agenda for this weekend, Friday to Sunday, NO WORK! Instead, I'll be going to the BITE OF SEATTLE for all three days....I know, I'll get fat...=p Hey, Food = Warren...go fig...=p

Plus, I'll be doing the Cosplay Parade at the Chinatown Seafair Parade this Sunday at 7PM. I won't be doing that parade, but I'll be doing Seattle Public Library's Bookineers parade. (I'll be pushing a red cart down the street) =p Wish me luck!